Your Video ... Made Easy

     Video is a key part of making your or your company's image on the web. But your videos don't have to be the $$$ quality level of a superbowl spot. Just a touch of good post-production and editing can transform a simple collection of video clips, art, and still images into a strong message building and supporting presentation. For companies or nonprofits these quick videos can become a strong sales or fund raising tool to build rapport with your audience.

     Our job at Video Ghosts is to help you bring your message video to the world at a cost you can afford. We focus on documentation ... of an event, a demonstration, or the story telling of an aspect of your operation. Video Ghosts help you build or improve your image.

     A recent assignment provides an additional perspective into the Video Ghosts operations. We took an existing video from a non profit organization was running on their home page and re-edited it. As they no longer had access to the original video production file, we downloaded the existing video from YouTube. We used the same sound track, but cut out and added updated video and exchanged several still images.

     We were able to do this with the producer and the video editor 1500 miles from each other using Skype and Team Viewer in collaboration mode. This allowed us to update the client's video overnight. And they were really surprised. Click Here to See The Video. Editing on this project used a combination of Power Director and Adobe Premiere to handle the mixed input formats.

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TK in action with speed art.